Kicked by pride ?

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Kicked by pride ?

Postby ETc|Patulacci » 14 Jun 2020, 10:48

Dear admins
I do in front of Jay and Dark (enjoy the bugs) what you do when they're not there... To show them the bullshit of a lot of LVL admins.

For me never TJ, rush and I respect the rules.

Legit players are getting less and less. The old players (I won’t mention them all, sorry to those I’ll forget): Rosebud, Alex, M.I.T, Darkblood for example.
Today I told an admin: "You’re going to lose with him..." and he kicked me...

Kicked for:
-Do not respond
-Change nickname to "Covid-19"
-hint of roof (while I was disguised)

Nice RULES....

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Re: Kicked by pride ?

Postby ETc|Fire Phoenix » 15 Jun 2020, 12:42

I am done with ur bullshit, u do the watertower bug and u want respect? As an old admin or shall i say ex member you shouldnt do it. Honestly fuck you Patu and just move on with this bullshit you only make mess nothing else. I am done with you, and i hope Jay and Matt will do the right thing to stop this kindergarten.

Regards, Fire Birdy
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Re: Kicked by pride ?

Postby Ruby » 20 Jun 2020, 08:01

Hey Patu,
The thing is, while you have been trying to expose the bad member/ignorant members/ those who dont follow the rules, you've done far too many things to be one of them.
You used to be member of the Clan, why are you no longer? I can say for all the reasons those other admins are bad.
You go out of line to show Matt and Jay what the members are like, belive me they see far more than you think and there are far more people to keep them informed.
I am sure deep down you heart you think you are doing the Clan a favour and are helping, but nowadays it doesnt come out as it.
The thing is, while trying to make others look bad, people see this and you are now only making yourself look bad.
You have lost the respect of admins, even players on server talk bad about you and tell you not to whine.
You've lost to the process.
I am sure you are a good person and have all the good intentions.
But it is time to stop and recover your respect from bad to positive.
There are alot of people that do shit all the time, and yes even members do that, but you cannot do anything about it anymore.
It doesn't help if you complain, it doesn't help if you tell admins what to do and how to do it, it doesn't help what ever comes from You.
Because like I said, for alot of admins you have become the bully.
So please change that, change your attitude, be nicer, don't complain all the time, give credit to admins who actually do something, say something nice.
Keep teams fair, don't complain about them, if possible change the team eaven if you are having best scores and best play.
Don't use map exploit even when admins are online/offline, people see this and will try to do it, when they do it they WILL say patulatcci did it too.
I am anti-bullying of anyone, even AssA and who ever, I am not the greatest example but I do look up to that.
So mark my words patulacci, be nice to others and you will recive the same.
Future in ETc server or how people threat you and respect you is all up to You and none else.
Be nice, enjoy your games AND if you don't please leave the server instead of making it impossible for others to enjoy it whatever way they do.

Take care patu.

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