ETc|Crack muting without justification

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ETc|Crack muting without justification

Postby mikehunt » 12 Jul 2023, 20:40

I have been toying with the config file lately, specifically key bindings. I bound V829 (Oh, you fat piece of shit) and copied the text verbatim. I did add in the [k] tag at some point when experimenting. Anyway, instead of being asked to change it. I was muted for 6 minutes. I changed my config and then told Crack that they could have just asked me to change it whereupon he/she just said "no". So this doesn't sit well with me and then I was accused of harassing him/her and was threatened with a ban.

All I'm saying is that if someone has a problem, just talk to me about it instead of going straight to mute/bans. That too much to ask?
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