More admin abuse... Looking at you, Gokuuu Son.

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More admin abuse... Looking at you, Gokuuu Son.

Postby mikehunt » 12 Apr 2024, 23:16

THIS|GUY was asking a question a few times presumably without an answer. Goku muted him with the comment something about "can't take this any more" or something like that.

I hate, yes HATE, people who get off on any authority so I stepped in and said something to the effect of "how about maybe asking him to quit or giving a warning before doing straight to the mute button like a dick".

I was then muted myself and kicked shortly after that because I retaliated by changing my name since that was my only course of redress at the time.

So Goku, how about trying the /ignore command instead of going for !mute. Or to my original point, maybe nicely ask him to stop or !warn him first. Going straight to mute only makes you look like a man(?) that gets off on being king(?) of your own little hill.
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Re: More admin abuse... Looking at you, Gokuuu Son.

Postby ETc|SON GOKUUUU » 14 Apr 2024, 12:57

Hello mikehunt,

THISGUY spams the same questions that he probably binded to a key every time he joins, and we always ask him to stop spamming it, and he always keep spamming it, so yeah this time we didn't ask and I just muted him for a few minutes, maybe that way he will learn. So no, it wasn't without any warning like you think. now, you can hate any action that someone do, but in this server when you have an issue then you have a few options: talk respectfully to try and solve it out, go to discord, go to forum, go to other admin\leader. You did neither and instead you immediately decided to offend me by comparing me to a dick which I did not appreciate. You proceeded to changing your nick to "muters are fuckers" or something like that, so I changed your nickname to "don'tPushit", so you reconnected to have that same name, and so you got kicked.

So mike, how about instead of judging and disrespecting people before understanding the situation you take a deep breath and try a different approach?

And btw ignoring (\ignore) will solve the problem just for me when other players might get annoyed as well, and it should be obvious that it's part of the job of an Admin to make sure this doesn't happen.

Good day,
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