A important question TO ALL ADMINS!!!

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A important question TO ALL ADMINS!!!

Postby TomTuckerGF » 24 May 2024, 22:04

Hey guys,

i just want to ask u if it is ok for u all admins, if Coyote and i would push each other to death sometimes while playing. We would like to do it for fun. On the 17th of may he started pushing me to death and was wondering why i stopped also doing so. I told him about my last ban and that i dont even have the balls anymore to do it for fun because i dont want to get banned forever. So i asked him for a permission in written form and so he did. U can read it in protocoll (i think it was from the 17th may). He is the only one guy who likes to play with me like that and we do really have fun with this. But i want to be sure that no admin would ever ban me again if they watching me pushing him as well as he is pushing me (also to death), OF COURSE WITH THE EXCEPTION if he tells me to stop or making a break if he wants to play normally. Of course i am gonna stop afterwards when he tells me this. But what do u guys think about this?

I dont want to get banned again. I really like this server and learned from my faults. So i want to be sure and try to prevent a last and forever ban. This is why i am carefully asking u. And dont forget, it is just related to my good colleague Coyote.

If u guys dont give your permission/guarantee, it is also ok for me. I am just asking. :-)

I wish u all guys a great weekend!
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Re: A important question TO ALL ADMINS!!!

Postby OnkelBob » 25 May 2024, 01:13

ETc|Coyote: i confirm i allow u to push me (done the 17/05/2024 by Coyote :) )

I personally see no problem then,

have Fun
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Re: A important question TO ALL ADMINS!!!

Postby Hardstyle » 26 May 2024, 15:34

as long as you guys have fun and don t grief others players i see no problem
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Re: A important question TO ALL ADMINS!!!

Postby M.I.T » 26 May 2024, 21:01

Hi asslover Tom,

If Coyote doesn't have any problems with that,I don't have any either,enjoy ALL :w:
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Re: A important question TO ALL ADMINS!!!

Postby ETc|Luis » 28 May 2024, 13:36

Haha, nice post Tom. Have fun with Coyote, please dont go in secret rooms with him :suck:

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