Maradona BANN forever

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Maradona BANN forever

Postby maradona » 07 Jul 2024, 20:35

Hi guys. I just started playing on your server. I was pushing people of the clifs and stuff. And now I got banned by some admin, or clan member. I know I did wrong. And I was also warned 4 times. Yep that is the truth.
Is there an option for second chance maybe?


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Re: Maradona BANN forever

Postby *#*#Gabriel# » 09 Jul 2024, 16:45

you was push me alot and other plaers

ETc|Betaben was warn you. then you keep push and other players, then he kick you.
i know Betaben, He never crossed the red line. he not perfect but ok for me that he admin here

on that case i will do the same. and !kick you
enough to push a team

Don't make us angry by your push. cuz You see the results...
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Re: Maradona BANN forever

Postby ETc|Madde » 10 Jul 2024, 19:43

First you should read our server rules and i saw you already apologized but it’s not done for now. For me F1 to unban but if you do it again we will perma ban you. All players wants to play objectives wanna have fun and we don’t like guys who push anyone to death or anything.
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