Coming back to town!

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Coming back to town!

Postby Yungwangye » 05 Jan 2019, 14:44

Heya everyone!

I hope everyone is fine and that you all got what you wishes for christmas (obviously a good ping, a good ol' luger and more time to play), and that you entered 2019 in a fancy manner yelling "good morning Vietnam".

All right enough with my babbling, I'm Yungwangye and used (still am? I don't know how it works) to be an ETC member (when Darkness was the boss, maybe still is around? lot of parentheses in this post, what am I doing It was meant to be short) and quitted the game because I had no more time to play, and the times I could play the server was usually not crowded enough.

I had a ton of fun in this server with everyone, and even tho I am certainly not the most entertaining/fun guy I loved being involved in the Clan's life!

All of that being said, I recently thought about coming back into the game, with some little questions.

First is it possible to "retrieve" my account? Since I uninstalled quite some times ago, the game asked me to re-create an alias. Is it possible to get the same name/settings that I had or do I have to do it again?
Not really an issue, was just wondering if It could spare me the time :mrgreen:

Secondly, how is everyone doing, the old members and the actual clan? I hope some sticked around, and hopefully the new members keep it alive! :w:

Thank's to anyone who might read this, and cya soon on the server! have fun meanwhile, play safe

Matthias a.k.a Yungwangye
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